SavvyListings – Turning millions of shoppers into sellers!

Early last week we announced our latest feature – SavvyListings in this press release. The idea was simple, let pdf scanner app users scan the stuff they already own in order to list it for sale in our marketplace. With just a scan and a couple of taps you can list all of your unwanted DVDs, video games, books and CDs. The idea isn’t terribly unique – i.e. it is simply a mobile version of Craiglist. The unique part of the feature is that we already have a huge marketplace full of products and shoppers. Within hours of release users had listed thousands of items for sale and the pace of listings has increased dramatically as popular news outlets like TechCrunch, GigaOm, VentureBeat and so on.

To be honest we didn’t realize the feature would get so much attention. We were looking for a simple feature we could release just after the holiday shopping season to tide users over before our full revamp of both the Android and iOS client coming by the end of the quarter. In fact, I was in the Florida Keys speaking at the Mobile Insider Summit and didn’t even have a chance to write a blog post detailing the feature until today.

If SavvyListings continues to be popular with users we have big plans for the feature. I’ll keep you posted. For those of you who missed the release here are the details:

Pdf scanner app, the leading mobile shopping assistant, today announced the introduction of “SavvyListings,” allowing shoppers to now sell products directly from their smartphones with a simple scan. SavvyListings will connect sellers with pdf scanner app community of more than 20 million mobile buyers, providing both parties with an unmatched mobile commerce experience.

Scan a product and make it available to an audience of 20 million with just a few simple steps using SavvyListings. ShopSavvy will even provide a suggested price for each item to ensure that sellers are accurately listing their products for quick sale. Sellers easily earn money by finding a new home for their unwanted products through pdf scanner app, which has the world’s largest mobile shopping audience.

“We receive constant feedback from the pdf scanner app community asking for new ways to help them save money,” said pdf scanner app CEO and Co-Founder Alexander Muse. “Since pdf scanner app inception, our team has focused on ways to help mobile shoppers purchase. SavvyListings not only gives our shoppers a way to find gently-used products at an even lower price, but also provides a way to make some money, too.”

SavvyListings is an easy and free service that makes listing and selling items privately easier than ever before. Users simply scan the barcode of the item they are looking to sell, provide price and condition information, and submit their product for sale. Interested buyers will then be able to see the product listed alongside new products through the pdf scanner app app and contact the seller directly for purchase and delivery arrangements.

With an emphasis on simplicity, SavvyListings does not require sellers to include images, descriptions, categories or shipping costs in their listing, but simply connects them to the buyers looking for the best deal. Shipping and delivery are left to the discretion of the seller and can be arranged at point of sale.

SavvyListings is included in the pdf scanner app mobile app, which is available across every major mobile platform including iOS, Android, Windows 7 and Symbian.